Orman’s CEO in the Star Tribune


Rico Mace officially began his tenure as CEO of Orman Guidance in August 2015. He started as an interim director and advisor and then became a permanent fixture as Director of Strategic Planning. Within 9 months, Rosemary invited him to a business partnership and the CEO seat.

In that short amount of time, Rico and Orman have accomplished a great deal. We’ve overseen a reboot in the company’s business segmentation and organizational strategy, and sales and leadership development. Orman is investing in technology information systems for project and resource management and customer relationship management. Rico has also established Orman’s marketing department and guides the company’s growing social media presence. He is preparing Orman to thrive in the next era of market research.

His work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Shortly after stepping into his new role at Orman, Rico was featured in the Star Tribune’s “Movers & Shakers” series, which profiles rising business leaders in the Twin Cities. In his interview, Rico discussed Millennials, qualitative research, and the company’s rebranding and restructuring.

Rico Mace is leading efforts to help companies gain insights into millennials and other consumers as newly named partner and CEO of Orman Guidance, a market research firm in Bloomington.

Millennials are the subject of 60 percent or more of the research at Orman Guidance, Mace said. The company specializes in qualitative research, working with consumers and companies to develop insights that lead to marketplace opportunities, but also does quantitative research.

It’s the biggest group of consumers right now in new product innovations, Mace said of millennials.”

Read the entire article here. We thank the Star Tribune and reporter Todd Nelson for interviewing Rico and covering our story. As we begin our fifth decade of business, the Orman team of researchers and academics continue to demonstrate passion for consumer insights that signify actionable outcomes for clients.