2016 CEO Open Letter

Rico’s first day as the Director of Strategic Planning at Orman Guidance Research was November 1, 2014, now rebranded and renamed Orman Guidance. In less than two years with the company, he’s learned more about management and leadership than in over a decade of business school. Every experience, every team-building event, every meeting, helps transform us into beings of a greater order – and makes us realize that the path is just as important, sometimes even more important than the result.

Journeys more than Destinations.

Believe it or not, we spend 100% of our physical lives in the present. Many small businesses, like us, devote hours or days predicting the future of markets, consumers, clients, and employees. While we wholeheartedly believe that businesses should allocate time for planning and organizing, it is vital to put the here-and-now at the front of the line. Before we know it, people and things are gone, so we must preserve the moments in the journey to protect the true state of reality.

Small to Big.

Rosemary Sundin, President of Orman Guidance, and Rico started working together to move the company from small to big. He learned about the dream for the company to go from a small business to a major market research firm capable of conducting any type of research for any industry. Now almost two years later, we’ve enhanced every process and department to reposition as the premiere market research company in the world. Are we there yet? – no. Is it going to happen soon? – still no. But, we are going in the right direction, keeping pace with personal journeys and the Orman journey, and more than quadrupled our highest tier of full-service market research business, and we’re only half-way through 2016!

Multi-generational Harmony.

Who’s going to listen to the new guy? He’s a fast-mover, seat-of-your-pants, liberal-minded millennial who’s focused on innovating and strategizing. While this sounds fun and great, he just mentioned how important it is for us to put effort on the present. At Orman Guidance, we’re teaching ourselves to pause and recalibrate through bi-monthly meetings called Roundtables. These meetings put objectives and goals into perspective, such as informing us of the real timelines needed to change. Having Boomers and Millennials at the Roundtable provides us with a multi-generational harmony, which gives us a high-quality mindset to bring products to the market.

Stress is Good.

When prudently directed, stress supplies greatness from mediocrity. We’ve heard small business owners and executives say how running their business requires constant awareness and attention to the company. They leave their 50 hour/week jobs to run a 24/7, 365 days/year company. Without the stress to become better, serve better, and do better, these leaders might not be living their dreams. When prudently directed, stress supplies greatness from mediocrity.

Continuous Restructuring of Self and Company.

There’s a new lesson every day we come to work – sometimes it’s about focusing on the present, how to grow a company, collaborating with different types of people, or how to reorient stress. We constantly restructure ourselves to restructure the company, even if it means making difficult changes. We can’t explain enough how much of a privilege it is to learn these things alongside the people at Orman Guidance.