A No-Nonsense Talk About Teamwork. AKA “We’re all in this together.”


Over my many years at Orman Guidance I’ve tried (with varying degrees of success and learning) to bolster the principle of teamwork. Now, with over a quarter century of my life’s work in the rearview mirror, here’s my take on what it takes to make Teamwork, well, work.

Teamwork in most situations means “working collaboratively toward defined goals.” It implies the achievement of baseline cooperation among individuals with specific and complementary skill sets. Teamwork also means we put forth our best in every circumstance  because we’re all in it together, to win!

If “Teamwork” is to be more than just another company pep talk, it is essential that the company has

  • VISION. The company must inventively convey to leadership and staffs the corporate image, brand, goals, aspirations and ethics. This facilitates clearer focus that also prevents the company from heading in the wrong direction.
  • SERVICE. This is a core business precept, but it actually starts with service to SELF. A company focused on teamwork helps everyone understand a work/life balance and career path. Put another way: “secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others.”
  • APPRECIATION. When the company focus is on teamwork, admiration and gratitude follows. Even human error is appreciated because it represents opportunities to brush the work to a higher gloss in the future. Awake, aware, and alive, each moment provides an opportunity to appreciate the journey, even when the going gets tough.
  • TRUST.  If Vision, Service and Appreciation are well understood, Trust follows. Trust that the teammate will be there. That’s the basis of Teamwork.