Your Target Audience

Finding engaged consumers who can answer our clients’ research questions is at the center of everything we do. We are passionate about discovering new ways to connect you with your target audience.

Orman Guidance is prepared to engage any target audience. Our specialty is locating the “hard-to-find” consumers. We use multiple rounds of screening to find the best target audience for your consumer research, drawing from our large database of interested consumer research participants and our active social media presence. We partner with other prime recruiters and vendors nationwide to find the right consumers. Before each consumer research study, we follow up with calls, emails, and/or text messages to ensure consumers are prepared.


We’ve successfully recruited from our clients’ target audience on a wide range of projects, including these consumer research studies:

  • An interview with a Hispanic woman and her friends, all parents of young children, in her home
  • A study on white collar millennials’ snacking habits
  • A focus group on clothing with teenage girls, including Hispanic, African-American, and Asian-American girls
  • At-home interviews with buyers of log-splitting equipment, mostly men from rural areas
  • In-person interviews with rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic illness patients